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memorandum - SUBJECT Class reaction DATE September 2 2007...

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SUBJECT: Class reaction DATE: September 2, 2007 This class presents the most fundamental necessity of the business world; communication. It is important to have clear and effective communication in order for tasks to run smoothly and efficiently. I am looking forward to this semester as I know this class will prepare me for the rest of the courses in the business major. I understand the importance of building a stable foundation in such a major as business to ensure that the best effort can be put forth in all the following classes, and/or internships. I look forward to learning how to most clearly articulate my thoughts and opinions in various situations. I feel it is important to understand and address your audience appropriately. This requires an understanding of what information is pertinent to the recipient and the means by which it should be delivered. I will have the opportunity to learn professionalism so that I may be prepared for any kind correspondence in the business environment.
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