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Ethical Practice Batchelor 1. Morality is characterized in terms of a metaphor as to relate it to financial bookkeeping, or debts. Lakoff explains that when something immoral is done, it is required that one pay the person back with something equally as bad, even though it will break one of the rules of morality. This set of actions is known as retribution. Altruism allows one to do something of positive value without putting the receiving party in moral debt. 2. Moral strength can be compared to conservative politics in that it promotes self reliance, thus deposing programs like affirmative action, and welfare. Additionally, it denounces people’s self indulgence. Conservatives would be against the promotion of safe sex in high schools. The demonstrates one’s concern with their own personal pleasures. 3. The strict father model is an example of a family where the father is the head of the household. The mother respects and supports his views and decisions. Also, the father is in control of protecting his family from internal and external evils.
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Unformatted text preview: The father expects obedience, when this does not occur he displays his strength. The father also lacks the ability to show emotion, rather he focuses on building character. 4. The nurturant parent model focuses on the parent’s ability to protect children through service. In this model parents understand the intrinsic value of emotional awareness. Allowing children to develop their imaginations is also accepted. Art and the connection with the natural world are also important qualities to this model. This form of parenting is more open and allows for a better relationship between the parent and child. 5. Lakoff favors the nurturant parent model because it focuses too much on self reliance. Lakoff believes emotional interaction is necessary in order to raise a child properly. The strict father model employs too much of an empirical pathology....
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