Political Correctness

Political Correctness - January 10, 2007 Phil. of Political...

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January 10, 2007 Phil. of Political Humor Nim Batchelor Political Correctness An offense is a violation or breaking of a social or moral rule. It is something that is displeasing to an individual or a group of individuals. Defining “an offense” depends on the person who was offended. The range of disapproval of certain topics, remarks or jokes vary from person to person making it difficult for comedians who want to express their opinions by telling jokes to large audiences. Only Joking further elaborates upon the belief that it has become increasing difficult for comedians, as well as political cartoonists to speak freely when they are performing for large audiences. Due to the diversity within an audience, certain individuals might be offended to a certain joke told by a performer. Rather than discussing what an offense is, the most important question is that of when is it appropriate to take offense? When groups of people listen to comedians, they are making the personal decision to buy a ticket and listen to what that individual has to say. Regardless whether or not they agree with his opinions and views on a certain topic, they have the choice to say, “well this comedian this a little too vulgar and racist for my taste” and they have the right to leave the performance rather than stay and find offense to every word coming out of his or her mouth, and in turn file a lawsuit against the comedian for making them feel “uncomfortable”. Of course, individuals have the right to find certain material offensive, but they have
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Political Correctness - January 10, 2007 Phil. of Political...

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