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Managing a Sports Franchise Cryan Why do people love sports? Without question, sports, since their evolution, have provided an unparalleled source of passion and enthusiasm for people. Whether participating or watching, it seems we just cannot get enough. I believe such interest begins with tradition, and continues with love. At a young age most choose their favorite teams and sports based upon their parent’s and friends favorites. I remember going to my first Notre Dame football game. My father had always been a big fan of the Irish and I too became a fan. We went to Ravens stadium and watched the Fighting Irish run all over the midshipmen of Navy. This event typified all the qualities that are encompassed in a person’s love for sports. The shear competition is unmatched, these athletes are in impeccable condition and the
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Unformatted text preview: best in the world, and the strategy is meticulously coordinated and planned. Such great efforts do not go unnoticed to the fans who appreciate the intensity that is brought to the table on game day. Every season it seems as though teams write their own story lines some years it ends as a tragedy, and others are fairytales. Because it is impossible to predict how a team or individual will perform from game to game or match to match. This is especially true in rivalry games. People enjoy friendly, or sometimes not so friendly, arguing for their team of choice. Sports give people the opportunity to escape their everyday lives and enjoy their game of choice. Such unique qualities can be found in every sport which would explain the universal interest and enthusiasm....
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