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Chapter 22 Notes - Chapter 22 Darwin's Research Charles...

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Chapter 22 Darwin's Research Charles Darwin As a boy and into adulthood had a consuming interest in Nature Soon after receiving hi B. A degree, Darwin accepted a position on board the HMS Beagle, Which was about to embark on a voyage around the world The ship's captain gave him a copy of Charles Lyell's newly published Principles of Geology The Voyage of the Beagle -During his travels on HMS Beagle (1831-1838) o Darwin observed and collected many specimens of South American plants and animals o Darwin observed various adaptations of plants and animals that inhabited many diverse environments; rain forests, grasslands, rocky shores o Noted many geologic changes: An earthquake while in Chile, marine fossils high in the Andes o These observations reinforced what he read from Lyell Darwin's Focus on Adaptation As Darwin reassessed all that he had observed during the voyage of the Beagle o He began to perceive adaptation to the environment and the origin of new species as closely related processes. In 1844, Darwin wrote a long essay on the origin of species and natural selection o But he was reluctant to introduce his theory publicly, anticipation the uproar it would cause In June 1858 Darwin received a manuscript from Alfred Russell Wallace. o Who had developed a theory of natural selection similar to Darwin's Darwin quickly finished The Origin of Species and published it the next year (1859) Natural Selection and Adaptation Evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr dissected the logic of Darwin's theory:
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Chapter 22 Notes - Chapter 22 Darwin's Research Charles...

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