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BAD 302, Exam 4 Study Guide Disclaimer : This study guide is to facilitate studying for exam #4. It is not a stand-alone document. You are responsible for all material covered in the textbook chapters 12-16, class lectures, and class activities. Test #4 will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions. Word to the Wise : Know and understand all definitions that are given as a side notes in the chapters 12-16. Once again, know all activities and in-class examples related to information presented. Chapter 12: Labor and Worker Protection Laws Know and define the two major Federal Labor Statutes that emerged during the Great Depression. Define collective bargaining and collective bargaining agreement What are some of the subjects of collective bargaining? Describe and define the three types of union security agreements What is the difference between a strike and picketing ? When is picketing illegal? Define and know examples for workers compensation - What does OSHA stand for? And what does it do?
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