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Ancient Greece Notes - Ancient Greece Key Terms Hellenic...

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Ancient Greece Key Terms: Hellenic Polis Acropolis Aristocracy Archons Oligarchy Solon Monarchy Pisistratus Tyrant Cleisthenes Ekklesia Boule Deme Ostracism Democracy Helots Lycurgus Zeus Mythology Philosophy     The Rise of Hellenic civilization, 1150 - 500 B.C.E Greek Dark Ages --> end of Mycenean Age Mycenean Developed commerce Culture Economic culture Fell to invaders often New Hellenic civilization o Developed pockets of civilization Geography played key role o Polis  Formed owned civilizations   Differed widely from other Polis
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Acropolis Was center of city All differed in what they looked like and political forms o Created widespread trading network Was very close to other shores over water Created specialty crops to trade for other crops o No true concept as a Greek All structure was rooted around polis Spartan, Athenians    From Oligarchy to Tyranny Polis (city-state) did not exist in Dark Ages Heart of polis was acropolis Political forms found in polis included Monarchy Ruled by one king Oligarchy Ruled by few
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Ancient Greece Notes - Ancient Greece Key Terms Hellenic...

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