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Arabia Notes - • Organized his followers into a...

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Arabia in the 7th Century Key Terms: Bedouins Kaa'ba Monotheism Muhammad Quraysh Mecca Khadija Medina Hijra Qu'ran Allah Five Pillars Geographically divided o Desert  o Sea routes o Arable land in North Valued the attributes of the warrior o Bravery, hardiness, loyalty, discipline, also hospitality to strangers Arab religious beleifs and cultural contacts New major world religion rooted in several traditions native to the Arabian peninsula o Value of warrior class o Black Stone (Kaa'ba)  o Patriarchy o Monotheism o Hospitality and generosity Muhammad Muhammad  o Founder of Islam Little known about his clam (Quraysh) o Arabia was large and sparsely populated o Born in Mecca in 570 Muhammad born into Quraysh clan in 570 (most important in Mecca) o 610 CE: began having mystical experiences (visits from supernatural messenger  - Gabriel) Fled to Medina in 622 - Hijra o Gradually gained support in Medina
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Unformatted text preview: • Organized his followers into a umma (community of the faithful) o Attacked Mecca in 630 • Established government dedicated to Allah Destroyed pagan temples and monuments (other symbols of worship) Rededicated Kaa'ba as Islamic house of worship o 632 - Pilgrimage to Kaa'ba • Hajj as example for devout Muslims Holy pilgrimage Islamic Beliefs • Most straightforward of themajor world religions • Written out in Qu'ran o Strict, but attainable, moral code o Muslim god (Allah) • Same god as the Jewish Yahweh and the Christian God o Muhammad insisted that he was the final prophet • Five Pillars of Islam o There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet o Prayer five times daily o Fasting during daylight of Ramadan o Alms for the poor o Hajj to Mecca • Jihad...
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Arabia Notes - • Organized his followers into a...

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