Roman Foundation Notes

Roman Foundation Notes - Elected from senate for one year...

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Roman Foundations Key Terms: Res Publica Senate Patricians General Assembly Plebeians  Consuls Censors Tribunes Proletariat Julius Caesar Octavian Caesar Geography Halfway down the western coast of the Italian Peninsula o Tiber River 800 B.C.E. - People from the East began to enter Italy o Etruscans - highly civilized o Greeks - even more influential to Romans   Republican Government Voluntary unification of seven agrarian villages around 753 B.C.E. o Res publica: city without a King Organization o Senate --> Patrician  5% of population o General Assembly -->Plebeian  o Executive branch 2 consuls
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Unformatted text preview: Elected from senate for one year terms Had veto power Not able to hold back to back sentence • Censors Tax assessors Over saw the senate to keep conduct of senators o Senate had majority of power o General Assembly --> rubber stamp • Rome's Conquest of Italy • Fall of the Republic o Crisis of the late Republic • Proletariat Working class Didn't own land and worked for wages Displaced farmers who had no where to go o Julius Caesar • Usurped power from Senate • Throne passed to his son Octavian...
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Roman Foundation Notes - Elected from senate for one year...

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