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Anxiety Module Activity Responses: Activity 8A: - Event 1: Taking tests - Event 2: Having surgery - Event 3: Going on dates Activity 8B: - My Perceptions of Event 1: I need to do well in order to succeed, this can determine the rest of my future, the material is too difficult for me to understand and learn, I did not study enough, and I am horrible at test taking - My Perceptions of Event 2: something might go wrong, the doctor might mess up, I am going to be in pain afterwards, Rehab will be hard, Rehab will interfere with school, and I am going to be in pain afterwards - My Perceptions of Event 3: we will not have anything to talk about, she will think I am boring, what if she does not like me, I am not cute enough, and she will see my flaws right away Activity 9: Symptom 1: sweaty hands, churning stomach, inability to remember Symptom 2: shivering, sweating, neediness Symptom 3: dry mouth, shivering, stuttering Activity 10: 1. Could you have altered any of these situations? - Tests: I could not avoid or alter it. - Surgery: I could not avoid or alter it. - Dates: I can avoid it. 2. What made it possible or impossible for you to avoid these situations? - Tests: They are mandatory for my classes because they check my understanding of the material. I need to take tests in order to stay in college and become successful. - Surgery: I needed it in order to fix my knee and continue to play girls IM sports. - Dates: I do not need a female companion. However, it would be nice to date someone, but if I did not want to go on a date, then no one could force me to do so. Activity 11: 1. Which of your own self-sabotaging beliefs do you think caused your anxiety during these three events? - Tests: I need to be perfect in all that I do. - Surgery: The surgery must fix all of my physical problems. - Dates: I have to have a connection or spark with this girl. 2. How could you change these beliefs to be more enabling, so that the next time you are in a similar situation your anxiety will be reduced? - Tests: If I do the best that I can do, then I will be ok. - Surgery: Surgery will help me to get back to normal. - Dates: Dates are for exploring what is out there.
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Activity 12: Self-sabotaging belief #1: I have to be perfect in school or my parents will not be proud of me. Self-sabotaging belief #2: If I do not always day yes to my friends, then they will not like me. Activity 16: 1. During any of these three events, did you engage in negative self-talk? What did you tell yourself?
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Anxiety Module - Anxiety Module Activity Responses Activity...

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