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BILD10: How cells use energy 1/24/2008 2 nd Law of Thermodynamics – Orderly things tend to get disorderly. Order -> Disorder. Like things of the material/natural world, we have to follow such laws. Things tend to collapse into disorder. Energy can be something to be used to reduce the disorder in the world. Chemical Reactions either consume or release energy. If you take amino acids and link them into proteins, energy is needed to form this process. This process is call endergonic reaction. CO2H2O -> Sugars -> cellulose where Energy can create fats, octane. Exergonic reaction is when energy is released, requires activation energy to return to CO2H2O. Catalyzed reaction requires a catalyst in order to get item to get excited to release its store energy. Enzymes speed up chemical reactions. ATP is the common energy currency. All living cells are operating in the same way. That energy and convert to ATP. When needed, ATP is broken down and used for the energy stored within. ADP is decayed ATP. ADP can convert back into ATP when energy is
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