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COGS3 CSS: 1/31/08 FileZilla: port 22, SFTP using SSH2, Logon-type is Account cg3weg. FTP = File transfer protocol. There is a host site, where one is. There is also a remote somewhere on the server. Cg3weg is the home directory of account. A slash “/” defines an absolute path. Naming the file type of index.html will default to the home page without having the file name “public” coming out on the directory. Xml separates presentation code from content code. Presentation code can be linked by file or by a different directory. Comments are text that’s useful to the user in terms of information but will not be executed by the browser. Setting a command before placing the comment will set the style for that command throughout the content code. “p” is the selector, the “{}” are the attributer. All of this is for the style sheet. Inline styles are applied to a single element within the start tag of the element. If one
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Unformatted text preview: wants to assign certain properties to the text with a paragraph. <p style=”color:purple; font-family:arial”> Text goes between this part. </p>. When style sheets conflict, the inline will win for its particular section. Then global gains control. Linked will be the last style to gain control. If all three do not work, default is activated. • Comments in a CSS is /* BLARG*/. Body tag talks about the body of the style. Serif has the little bases. San serif is without. Proportional font is where each letter in the font text takes up the same amount of space as the other letters. Courier font has the a, r, or y take up more space than any other letters of the text type. To set up a correctly lined up text, use a non-proportional text. • Classes define the order of which the parent code will apply to which child section. Defining class by first, second, third…etc .will allow to define by class when typing the style type....
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