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COGS3: Basic Interactivity and XHTML Forms 2/12/2008 Interactive features. Static environment doesn’t change due to user interaction. There can be a dynamic website without information on the website. Software: users can perform tasks and interact with content. Forms enable users to submit information that can be used to create an interactive environment. IP address is like a phone number. Types of forms used: Comment response, order entry, subscription, registration, and customization. Form preliminaries – You need <form> … </form>. In the past, most forms ran on a CGI application, or Common Gateway Interface. The <form> element. A form can be located anywhere in the body of an XHTML document. A document can contain multiple forms. Forms cannot be nested. Other XHTML elements can be contained within the <form> element. The action= attribute.
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Unformatted text preview: <form action=”go to the URL specified here!”> </form>. Typically , values for action = are either URLs or email addresses. • URLS revisited – Uniform resource locators. Uniform way to refer to objects and services on the Internet. • The method= attribute. <form method=”post”> /form>. The method attribute is necessary to stipulate how the form will be submitted to the address specified by the action attribute. There are two acceptable values for the method attribute: “get” and “post” • Input element. The input element is useful for collecting small bits of data. <input type=”…” name=”…” /> where “…” #1 can be text, a checkbox, or radio button. “…”#2 needs to have a unique name that you decide. There are two special types of inputs for “…” “reset” and “submit”....
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