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COGS3 Designing a Website

COGS3 Designing a Website - than a few screens high •...

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COGS3: Designing you website… 2/12/2008 The purposes of a website to provide information, sell a product, want donations, or provide entertainment. The first page should tell people immediately what your site/company is all about. The business perspective is not about the tools, but the results. Don’t use design elements that get in the way, such as: flash pages, animations, lack of focal point, too much text, too many pictures. Make navigation easy. JavaScript rollovers are a prime culprit. One needs to be able to look at the links and know where they will take you. You have to mouse over the links to find your out destination. Avoid pages and graphics that are more than 600 pixels wide. Avoid pages and graphics that are more
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Unformatted text preview: than a few screens high. • Minimize text and eliminate what is not essential. Put text in columns (not too wide). Divide text so that pages don’t look dense. 2-3 lines per paragraph are enough. Avoid italic because it’s hard to read and does not stand out. Lighten up on boldface. Physical style vs. logical style code. • Do not use headings for emphasis. Don’t use too many links. Use links only to enhance the page and provide value to the user. Integrate links into the text, to avoid the ubiquitous “Click here.” • Keep graphics to a minimum file size to reduce downloading time. Make sure there is enough contrast between the background and text....
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