COGS3 Let’s Photoshop – An Overview

COGS3 Let’s Photoshop – An...

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COGS3: Let’s Photoshop – An Overview 1/17/2008 Photoshop lest you create, modify, combine and optimize digital images. You can save the images to print out or use online. i.e. Manipulate photos – you can use the program to make subtle changes like adjusting the color. Illustration tool – you can use the typographic tools to integrate stylized letters and words into your images. Design Brush styles – where you can apply colors or patterns to your images with a variety of brush styles. Digital collages can be made as well. The power is in the layer. Each layer can independently be… o Moved, Transformed, Customized and Saved. o Opacity is the thickness or how much can be seen. T means Text. Eyeball works as the visibility of the layer. Understanding pixels – Digital images in Photoshop consist of tiny sold-color squares called pixels. If you zoom in close, you can see the pixels that make up your image. To edit specific pixels in your image, you must select them by using one of the selection
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