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Bild 1 midterm3 - Final Review Questions From Your...

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Final Review Questions From Your Classmates 1. During transcription, what does the DNA template do? 2. What is the function of a gene? 3. Why do they use an RNA intermediate to translate proteins ? 4. What mRNA codon is made from the DNA triplet 3’-CGT-5’? 5. How many RNA nucleotides are needed to code for a protein with 100 amino acids ? 6. The base triplet 3' ACC 5' along the dna provides what template for the mrna molecule? 7. In eukaryotic cells, a terminator in mRNA synthesis is …. 8. Snrnps are. .. 9. The function of trna in protein synthesis is . .. 10. How does the DNA inherited by an organism lead to specific traits? 11. What are the two stages of gene expression? 12. What is transcription? 13. What is synthesized in the process of translation? 14. What are the molecules that catalyze the formation of proteins? 15. What is 1 way that transcription and translation differs in prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Why? 16. What is the cellular chain of command? 17. How many nucleotide bases are there in DNA? 18. What is the triplet code? 19. What is the purpose of a template strand in transcription? 20. What direction are mRNA base triplets read? 21. What enzyme is RNA synthesis catalyzed by?
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Bild 1 midterm3 - Final Review Questions From Your...

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