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Bild 1 midterm3 answers - Final Review Questions From Your...

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Final Review Questions From Your Classmates 1. During transcription, what does the DNA template do? (Provides the order of the sequence of nucleotides in an RNA transcript) 2. What is the function of a gene? (to dictate the production of a specific enzyme or protein) 3. Why do they use an RNA intermediate to translate proteins ? (because it provides protection for the dna/its genetic information and also, it allows more copies to be made simultaneously) 4. What mRNA codon is made from the DNA triplet 3’-CGT-5’? (GCA) 5. How many RNA nucleotides are needed to code for a protein with 100 amino acids ? (303 nucleotides. Every 3 nucleotides = 1 AA, 3 extra RNA = stop codon) 6. The base triplet 3' ACC 5' along the dna provides what template for the mrna molecule? (5'-UGG-3') 7. In eukaryotic cells, a terminator in mRNA synthesis is …(a specific nucleotide sequence in DNA that signals the RNA polymerase to stop) 8. Snrnps are. ..(small nuclear ribonucleoproteins . base-pair with nucleotides at specific sites along the intron). 9. The function of trna in protein synthesis is . .. (to deliver amino acids to their proper site during protein synthesis) 10. How does the DNA inherited by an organism lead to specific traits? (by dictating the synthesis of proteins). 11. What are the two stages of gene expression? (transcription and translation) 12. What is transcription? (the synthesis of RNA under the direction of DNA (aka, using DNA as a template)) 13. What is synthesized in the process of translation? (Proteins, aka polypeptides) 14. What are the molecules that catalyze the formation of proteins? (ribosomes) 15. What is 1 way that transcription and translation differs in prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Why? In prokaryotes mRNA produced by transcription is immediately translated without more processing In eukaryotic cells the nuclear envelope separates transcription from translation. 16. What is the cellular chain of command? (DNA RNA Protein) 17. How many nucleotide bases are there in DNA? (four (A//T, G///C)) 18. What is the triplet code? (A series of nonoverlapping, three-nucleotide “words” (RNA) that relay the instruction of how to create a protein. Each 3 nucleotides of the mRNA make up 1 codon.) 19. What is the purpose of a template strand in transcription? (provides a template for ordering the sequence of nucleotides in an RNA transcript) 20. What direction are mRNA base triplets read? (5' to 3') 21. What enzyme is RNA synthesis catalyzed by? (RNA polymerase) 22. What other roles in transcription does RNA polymerase play a part in? (They pry the DNA strands apart and form peptide bonds between the RNA nucleotides)
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Bild 1 midterm3 answers - Final Review Questions From Your...

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