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Unformatted text preview: Genes to Proteins DNA mRNA Protein Transla4on Transcrip4on Vocab Codon set of 3 nucleo4des on mRNA that corresponds to the amino acid on the protein 5' AUG GUC AAA UAA 3' Met Val Lys Stop Start Codon AUG, codes for Methione Stop Codons UAA, UAG, UGA, does not code for any amino acid Ribosomes consists of 2 subunits, large subunit and small subunit AminoacyltRNA A binding site, "acceptor" P Polype4dyltRNA binding site, "polype4de" E Exit tRNA carries amino acids/polypep4des and can transfer whatever it's carrying to another tRNA An4codon determines what AA it carries and which codon it pairs with When reading the codon chart, use the mRNA codon! Transla4on Ini4a4on Uses proteins called ini4a4on factors Elonga4on Elonga4on factors Termina4on Release Factors Ini4a4on 1. Small subunit scans mRNA from the 5' end un4l it finds the start codon, AUG Ini4a4on 2. Ini4al tRNA hydrogen bonds and aXaches to the start codon 3. Large subunit aXaches on top of everything. Note that the ini4al tRNA is already in the P site Steps may differ in Eukaryotes/Prokaryotes Elonga4on 1. tRNA with the correct an4codon and amino acid enters the A site Elonga4on 2. Polypep4de/amino acid in P site is transferred to the tRNA in the A site Elonga4on 3. Ribosome shi[s towards the 3' end by 1 codon length Elonga4on 4. tRNA in E site exits the ribosome 5. Repeat elonga4on un4l stop codon is reached Termina4on 1. Ribosome A site reaches the stop codon Termina4on 2. No tRNA carries an amino acid for the stop codon, instead a release factor (a protein) enters the A site. Release Factor Termina4on 3. Everything is released Some Notes Only the open reading frame (start to stop codon) is translated mRNA, ribosomes, and tRNAs are reused mRNA can be read by mul4ple ribosomes at once Cap Binding Proteins and Poly A Tail Binding Proteins help facilitate faster reuse of ribosomes ...
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