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Bild 1 week 5 - Grace Lee B10 [email protected] BILD 1 Week 5...

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Grace Lee, B10 [email protected] BILD 1 Week 5 Definitions: 1. ________________: X and Y chromosomes. Not technically a homologous pair (except in females) but pair up anyway during on metaphase plate of Met I for purposes of random assortment 2. _______________: All other 44 chromosomes in a diploid human cell. Do not determine Sex. 3. _______________: Two chromosomes composing a pair w/ same length/centromere position/staining pattern (sequence specific genes). 1 from mom, 1 from dad. 4. _____________: Picture/ordered display of complete set of chromosomes (46 in humans) - these chromosomes always come from M phase (chromosomes only visible then) each chromosome is in duplicated state: 1 chromosome = 2 Sister chromatids: Q: In a karyotype, how many chromosomes are there? How many homologous pairs? How many sister chromatids? I. Cell Cycle: A.) Interphase: i. ____ – 1 st Gap (Chromosome = single molecule) ii. ____– Synthesis (DNA only duplicated in S phase) iii. ____– 2 nd Gap (1 Chromosome = 2 sister chromatids) B.) M Phase: i. __________ ii. __________ II. Mitosis: ___ division ____ identical daughter cells Occurs in Somatic Cells (nonreproductive cells; diploid 46 Chromosomes in humans (2n)). PMAT A.) Prophase: Picture: Chromosomes Condense, (become visible) Nucleoli disappear Mitotic Spindle forms and Centrosomes move away Microtubules Nuclear Envelope Disappears (PP) Microtubules attach to kinetochores on __________ (PP) B.) Metaphase: Chromosome line up on _____________ - longest stage C.) Anaphase: Two sister chromatids part.
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This note was uploaded on 06/12/2008 for the course BILD 1 taught by Professor Boulanger during the Spring '08 term at UCSD.

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Bild 1 week 5 - Grace Lee B10 [email protected] BILD 1 Week 5...

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