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Intro-Test-Ch01 - Overview of Marketing

Intro-Test-Ch01 - Overview of Marketing - Principles of...

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Principles of Marketing Ch1: Overview of Marketing Name:_______________________ ID #:______________________ 1. Phrases such as “a good product practically sells itself,” “build it and they will come,” “supply creates its own demand” are all reflections of the ______ mentality. a. proactive b. production c. societal marketing d. sales e. marketing 2. The so-called "societal marketing concept" differs from the traditional marketing concept in that: a. it involves the marketing of social goods, not private goods. b. individual needs must be met in a way that is good for society as a whole. c. it applies only to socialist economies, not to free market economies. d. it assumes that supply does not create its own demand. e. it advocates that an entire society should be involved in the implementation of the marketing concept. 3. Assume you want to increase the number of customers by applying the marketing concept. Which of the following strategies would be most consistent with that approach?
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