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Principles of Marketing Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage (Ch2) 1. If one of your products has been classified as a "cash cow," the strategy marketing specialists would recommend that you pursue to a. maintain its present status for as long as possible. b. push the product with extensive promotion to increase market share. c. pull out of the market before costs are greater than revenues. d. aim for the lowest market share that will still keep you producing. e. go for high market growth through discounts and sales promotions. 2. According to your professor, the two most basic elements of any marketing plan is a. the writing of the mission statement and SWOT analysis
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Unformatted text preview: b. the establishment of organizational objectives and 4 P’s c. Target market and 4 P’s d. marketing mix and assessment. 3. An example of a "threat" to a firm discovered by a SWOT analysis might be a. cost advantages present because of advanced technology. b. the chance to acquire firms with needed technology. c. likely entry of new competitors in the industry. d. too narrow a product line for the firm. 4. Which of the following is NOT one of uncontrollable environmental influences? a. Social and economic forces b. Company’s target market strategies c. Technological forces d. Political and legal forces e. Competitive forces...
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