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Principles of Marketing Ch3: Marketing Environments and Ethics Name:_______________________ ID #:______________________ 1 Which of the following is NOT one of uncontrollable environmental influences? a. Social and economic forces b. Company’s target market strategies c. Technological forces d. Political and legal forces e. Competitive forces 2. During periods of inflation prices _________ and consumer demand __________. a. increases; decreases. c. decreases; increases. b. increases; increases. d. decreases; increases. 3. Select a statement that is NOT correct about the significance of the ethics in marketing. a. Ethics is the foundation of relationship marketing. b. Firms’ commitment to ethical standards is highly correlated with their financial performance. c. Multinational company’s ethical capability is a sustainable source of competitive advantage. d. Companies that have high ethical standards often fail to obtain financial goals. 4. Which of the following statement is NOT correct?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Philanthropic corporate social responsibility is consistent with societal marketing concept. b. Companies practicing ethical or philanthropic corporate social responsibility (e.g., green mountain coffee) are more likely to have involved and committed employees. c. The highest level of corporate social responsibility is “economic” d. Social responsibility demands that marketers accept an obligation to give equal weight to profits, customer satisfaction, and social well-being in evaluating their firm's performance. 5. Which of the following is NOT considered American core cultural values according to your professor? a. Freedom b. Egalitarianism c. Individualism d. Youth e. Equality of wealth 6. Which of the following is NOT correct about cultural position of the USA in terms of Hofstede’s five dimensions. a. Individualism b. Low power distance c. Masculine d. Low uncertainty avoidance e. Long term orientation...
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