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GNHU 115-02: Troy and the Trojan War Midterm Examination Due 26 October 2006 NAME: This is an Open Book and Notes examination. There are TWO restrictions: 1. Please do not use the Internet to answer any of these questions. There are no questions that cannot be answered correctly from notes taken in class, the text of the Iliad , and the text of Achilles in Vietnam. I want to know about your reading, not about what you can look up if you need to. 2. Please do not work together with another person on this exam. Sharing notes is fine, but each student should do her/his own work on this exam. Please send your completed Midterm by the end of the last week of September, by email attachment, to either or . If you would prefer to write out your Midterm, please hand it in to me on Tuesday, October 24, or if later by leaving it in my departmental mailbox in the Classics and General Humanities Department Office, Dickson 1 st floor. A. Matching: choose the best fit for each. 1. resourceful son of Laertes __13___ wife of Hektor, mother of Astyanax 2. flowing-haired __6___ closest form of friendship/family ties 3. Thersites __9___ Nestor 4. Agamemnon __15___ closest comrade of Achilleus 5. xenia __19___ one site of early Greek civilization 6. philia __16___ goddess wounded by Diomedes in battle 7. epithet ___1__ Odysseus 8. Apollo __20___ sea-nymph; supplicates Zeus for her son 9. Gerenian horseman ___5__ hospitality; care toward strangers 10. Achilleus ___8__ far-shooting god on side of Trojans 11. Alexandros __17___ first, controversial excavator of Troy 12. Hissarlik ___18__ “author” of Iliad, Odyssey & the Hymns 13. Andromache ___3__ speaks up for Achilles, is struck by Odysseus
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14. Menelaus __4___ leader of the Achaians, sends Embassy 15. Patroklos ___12__ Turkish hill site of ancient Troy 16. Aphrodite __2___ Achaians 17. Schliemann __11___ 18. Homer/Homeric tradition ___14__ Greek husband of Helen 19. Mycenae ___7__ formulaic description used by oral poets 20. Thetis __10___ best of the Achaians B. Identify the quotes as closely as possible, and answer the questions fully. 1.
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steves - GNHU 115-02: Troy and the Trojan War Midterm...

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