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Urban Development Poverty Natives vs. immigrants Pressure on: Fire department Police Government to supply sources Water o Most people walked because they lived where their jobs were because the working class could not afford transportation o Different immigrant groups lived in different sections o Merchants, bankers, and lawyers ran the city o 135.6 people per acre in New York City in 1850 o Late 1850 was the invention of the elevator as a result of buildings being built vertically o Ferry usage increased as a form of transportation o Fierce competition between immigrant groups for jobs and housing o Seaport towns employ free blacks for ship building o Self sufficient black communities for education, religion and culture o Increased tension between whites and blacks o Half the residents of NYC during this time were immigrants o Poverty was caused by alcoholism and as a result the Blue Laws were started which stated there was no drinking on Sundays. They thought this
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final - o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Urban...

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