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final exam prep IAS 45

final exam prep IAS 45 - Final Exam for IAS 45 Monday May...

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Final Exam for IAS 45: Monday, May 19 th 8-11AM in 1 Pimentel Format of the Exam: ID’s and 2 Essays The final will be worth 20% of your final grade for the course. Section I: Identification (40% of your grade) You will be given a list of terms to identify in 3 sentences. Your identification should answer the questions of A) who or what is this person, place, thing, event, idea? B) where did it live, happen, occur? C) when did it roughly happen or occur? D) what is the historical significance of this item, or how did it influence the larger course of events, or impact other items? I will provide you with 7 terms on the exam and you will choose 4 to identify. You may only answer 4. Each one that you answer will be graded from 0-10 points. Section II: Essays (2 @ 30% each, 60% total of your exam grade) You will be required to write 2 essays on this exam. Essay grades will be based on your analysis and your attention to detail. Be sure to include as many specifics as you can to support your essay.
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