MME Lec12 - Islam: the New Nationalism of the Middle East?...

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Islam: the New Nationalism of the Middle East? Lecture 12 Modernity and Islam 19 th century Islamic movements tried to reconcile religion with the intrusion of Colonial modernity Muhammad Abdo, Jama edDin Afghani Quasim Amin and the Liberation of Women 1898 The Islamic Roots of the Ottoman Tanzimat Islam and Governance What is Salafiyyah? The noton of al Salaf al Salih and the return to the exa,ple of the Prohpet and theRightly guided Caliphate Salafi groups throughout the middle east rooted in Ottoman Reformist movements that accepted the claims of the regime for legitimacy Wanted to reform Islam to meet challenges of the West, but they used Islamic discourse Muhammad Abdul Wahhab 1703-1792 and the new Salafiyya A deal between Ibn Saud and Abdul Wahhab The new doctrine The essence of Islam is pure simplicity of faith Return to a pristine past of Muhammad and the early Caliphate Rejection of Bid’a and the closing of Ijtihad Adoption of the doctrines of Ibn Taymiyyeh (strict anti-innovation) Saudi Arabia the first, but not the last Wahhabi state Islamic Populism The Muslim brothers and populist groups in the 1930s and 1940s were Popular – opposed the elitism of salafis and secularism of modernists nationalists Restorative – of the glories of past Islam Essentialists – they were against ijtihad and innovation in doctrine Takfir – believed in Ibn Taymiyyah’s doctrine of the Just Imam (al Imam al Asil), which justified rebellion against secular Muslim regimes, and even nationalist ones Bernard Lewis – a reaction to modernity Problem of this view is that it does not examine the content of religious faith but considers it in the light of generic reaction to the west
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MME Lec12 - Islam: the New Nationalism of the Middle East?...

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