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The 1948 Debate Lecture 16 The 1948 Debate Israeli Version Arabs rejected partition--and lost the war Tiny Israel invaded by five Arab armies--had to defend itself Refugee issue created by self-inflicted exodus; Arab leaders urged the Palestinians to leave Palestinian Version Partition meant that half of the country had to be given to a European settler community (not acceptable) War was already resolved in 1939 by Britain's disbanding of militias and exile of leaders Exodus created by acts of terror and ethnic cleansing Palestine Ceased to Exist The bulk of refugees found refuge in Jordan, Gaza and the West Bank Many went to Lebanon, Syria and Egypt The rest were dispersed all over the world Camp refugees became the political base for political activism and the creation of the PLO in 1964 The creation of a diasporic community Lebanon and Syria (from the Galilee) relocated in camps and became part of the internal confessional conflict in Lebanon Jordan: Enfranchisement; today around 45% of the population
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MME Lec16 - The 1948 Debate Lecture 16 • • • • •...

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