Lecture Notes - The PLO and extra-territorial nationalism...

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The PLO and extra-territorial nationalism in the Middle East Lecture 19 Lessons for the rest of the Middle East? Territoriality and Nationalism In Imagine Communities Anderson introduces us to the impact of migration and global networking on the emergence of Nationalism by Proxy. He is particularly intrigued by the impact of Hindu communities in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) and the US on the course of Contemporary Indian radical politics of the right The Israeli State and Extra territoriality 1. The self-definition of Israel as a 'state of the Jewish people'--and not if its citizens creates major constitutional problems 2. It gives immensely more right to Jewish Argentineans, e.g., who are potential immigrants, than to a Christian or Muslim Galileans who has been living in the country from time immemorial 3. Two main reasons for Israel refusal to adopt a constitution in 1948 were o Its problematic relation with the religious parties (a Jewish state or a state of the Jews) Israel defines itself as a national state but its citizenship is based on religious ethnicity o Its relationship to the non-Jewish natives 4. A third reason is that a constitution would have to delineate boundaries for the state The PLO and extra territorial nationalism 5. The Palestine Liberation Organization is a 1964 creation of Nassir and the Arab League to buttress Nassir's claim to Arab nationalism 6. Shuqairi the historic opponent of regional Palestinian Nationalism
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Lecture Notes - The PLO and extra-territorial nationalism...

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