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Hints for Successful Module Papers We have a very specific approach to the Module Papers in ugba-10. In the second week of each 3-week module, your Section Instructor will lead a discussion about the paper topic. The class is designed to explore the issues that we think are important, but probably won't come to any specific conclusion. So take careful notes in section, of the issues which the Instructor raises, and try to think of the merits of, and objections to each idea. In most business situations there are no right or wrong answers, but instead a range of possible solutions. You will pick the one that seems best to you and then defend your position. Most ugba-10 papers contain many good ideas, but suffer from poor organization. Here's how to improve your writing. While you are reading the background material, make notes in any order—a jumble of ideas on a scrap of paper is fine. Then get some distance (take a break). Then, when you come back to your paper, try this approach: If you chatting with a friend at another school, what would you say it the main point that you would want to make in your paper? Ideally, you should be both responsive to the question, but also stand out from your peers because of some insight or particularly effective way of communicating your point of view. Next, make an outline, something like this:
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Paper Technique - Hints for Successful Module Papers We...

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