MME Lec17 - Innocents Abroad The View from the Foggy Bottom...

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Innocents Abroad: The View from the Foggy Bottom Lecture 17 The Barbary Coast--Bible Land and the Slave Trade American attitudes to the Middle East were first impacted by the early Puritan settlers conception of the New world and the Promised Land o Reflected in the early naming of New England settlements Lebanon, Canaan, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, etc. Later they were impacted by military strategic considerations through the earliest American Intrusion abroad was the Battle of Darmis (1805) off the Libyan Shores aimed at taming the "Barbary Coast" of North Africa from piracy, which had affected America- African trade Omar Ben Said Omar Ben Said, a Muslim Prince from Mali, enslaved by North Carolina plantation owner, wrote the first North American diary in Arabic in 1812 o His master set him free when he agreed to convert from Islam to Christianity Doesn't explicitly say this, but heavily implied; writes in Arabic so his owner cannot read it) In Haiti as well as the antebellum south Arabic was the chief secret language of communication between slave rebels o Toussant L'Ouverture appointed several Arab slaves as his lieutenants to prevent his enemies to intercept their communication Mark Twain's visit to the Holy Land impacted American vision on the Middle East for over
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MME Lec17 - Innocents Abroad The View from the Foggy Bottom...

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