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Lecture 18 Narratives of Law, Modernization, and Foreign Intervention Afghanistan in U.S. Collective Memory: A Recent Timeline 1. 9/11/01 2. Ultimatum to Taliban 3. 10/7/01: Operation Infinite Justice/Enduring Freedom Begins 4. Dec. 2001 Reconstruction Conference in Bonn, Germany o Hamid Karzai chose as Interim President o Reconstruction Goals Announced 5. Donor Conferences - Billions of dollars pledged 6. Jan. 2004: Constitution Ratified 7. Oct. 2004: Presidential Elections 8. Sept. 2005: Parliamentary Elections Afghanistan has been at the juncture of several empires and countries (it has six countries on its borders - Uzbhekistan, Iran, China, Pakistan, Tajikstan) Afghanistan 9. Cockpit of Asia - British and Russian "Great Game" rivalry 10.1747 - Founding Tribal Confederation "State" 11.Noncentralized, local, tribal governance o Center-Periphery conflict
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Unformatted text preview: o Internal-External conflict: Ex: 1842 British invasion o What was law like? Intermingling of Shari'a and Afghan customary law 12.Amanullah's failed reforms in 1920; had a diverse training because he had Turkish teachers o Tremendously popular - fought against British occupation 13.Zahif Shah continues father's "Hands off the Tribes" policy 1933-1973 14.Cold War politics and Student radicalization in Kabul 15.Communist part coups in 1970s o Daud Khan (r. 1973-1978) o 1978 - rival Marxist anti-Soviet parties o 1979 Soviet Invasion in order to prop up a new government (a pro-Soviet government) o 1989 Soviet withdrawal; puppet government remains 16.1992 Mujahiden overthrow communist government 17.1992-1996 Civil War 18.1996-Oct. 2001 Taliban rule Kandahar 19.Home of Taliban Darul Aman: Afghanistan's Symbol of Modernization...
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