Module 1 Syllabus (Marketing)

Module 1 Syllabus (Marketing) - ugba 10 Principles of...

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Unformatted text preview: ugba 10 Principles of Business January & February 2007 Module 1: Marketing: Delighting Customers David Robinson Office: F 494 Haas Office Hours: Wednesday 2:10 p.m. 4 p.m. Date Topic Reading Ch. Refers to the Ebert text, is an article in the Reader Principles of Business 2008 Notes Note: we dont read all the articles in the marketing section of the reader 1 1/21 MLK Day 1/23 Wednes Target Marketing; Marketing Mix Marketing Concept Ch. 11 Sections do not meet in week 1, they begin in week 2 2 1/25 Friday Course structure & policies Read this syllabus and the main white syllabus 3 1/28 Monday Marketing Concept Product I: Product classes New Product Development 113 Cheap cars; 116 Small print jobs In section this week: Be prepared to discuss the optional paper topic- see p. 2 of this syllabus. 4 1/30 Wednes Product II: Product Life Cycle, Branding 5 2/1 Friday Price Ch. 12 109 Smart pricing 6 2/4 Monday Place: Channels of Distribution 121 Dashboard 226 Box that launched In section this week:...
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Module 1 Syllabus (Marketing) - ugba 10 Principles of...

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