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eng 052 racial profiling paper

eng 052 racial profiling paper - ENGL 052 Racial Profiling...

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ENGL 052 Racial Profiling Must be Stopped Many people consider the U.S.A the perfect country without any discrimination. Many Americans also think that racism is in our country’s past. However, discrimination still exists in our country in the form of racial profiling. Racial profiling is a serious current issue that should be noticed and resolved. Authorities often make crucial decisions based on the race of the person they are judging. For example, in traffic violations people of color are more often stopped and searched than white people. There is even a term for this misjudgment known as “driving while black.” In stores and malls black people are also observed more closely than white people because the officials stereotype that blacks are more likely to steal. Racial profiling also exists in our airports. For example, after 9/11 Arabs and Muslims are watched and examined more closely than others. In our country, racial profiling even occurs during elections. For example, during the 2000 presidential election blacks were
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