Chapter 13 Outline - Chapter 13 Outline I The Role of...

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Chapter 13 Outline I. The Role of Retailing a. Retailing: all the activities directly related to the sale of goods and services to the ultimate consumer for personal, non business use II. Classification of Retail Operations a. According to its ownership, level of service, product assortment, and price i. Ownership 1. Independent retailers- owned by a single person or partnership and not operated as part of a larger retail institution 2. Chain Stores—owned and operated as a group by a single organization 3. Franchise- the right to operate a business or to sell a product ii. Level of Service 1. Full Service Self Service iii. Product Assortment 1. Full or Deep product depth iv. Price 1. Gross Margin-the amount of money the retailer makes as a percentage of sales after the cost of goods sold is subtracted III. Major Types of Retail Operations a. Department Stores i. A store housing several departments under one roof ii. Buyer-a department head who selects the merchandise for his or her department and may also be responsible for promotion and personnel b. Specialty Stores i. A retail store specializing in a given type of merchandise ii. Consumers consider price secondary c. Supermarkets i. A large, departmentalized, self-service retailer that specializes in food and some nonfood items ii. Scrambled Merchandising- the tendency to offer a wide variety of
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Chapter 13 Outline - Chapter 13 Outline I The Role of...

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