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Ellefson Studio SyllabusF08 - Applied Trombone Syllabus...

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Applied Trombone Syllabus Ellefson Studio Indiana University Jacobs School of Music FALL 2008 Instructor: Peter Ellefson Studio Phone: 812-855-9054 Studio: MA309 Mobile Phone: 773-218-8949 Email: [email protected] Course Objective: To foster a creative, professional attitude and approach to the trombone/bass trombone/euphonium as well as prepare the student for a career as an orchestral/large ensemble musician, solo/chamber musician and/or music educator. Acquire a high level of characteristic tonal color and technical proficiency combined with a thorough knowledge of the pedagogical concepts and methods needed to instruct such proficiency to others. Develop evaluative skills both for self-improvement and for effective teaching. Expand the student’s general musicianship as the key to artistic interpretation of the literature. Acquire a broad knowledge of the instrument’s repertoire, heritage from world- class artists, and various performance styles Individual Lessons: Progress on your instrument, through your one-on-one lessons, is perhaps the most important aspect of your education at IU. Here are some guidelines to make the most of your private study: Students shall arrive to lessons warmed-up, ready to play. Students should view each lesson as a performance , demonstrating the progress made since the previous lesson. Please remember, nothing significant is ever accomplished in a single practice session. The benefits from one practice session will likely be noticed days later. Therefore, do not attempt to “cram” for your lessons. Steady progress is achieved by daily, diligent, thoughtful practice. In order to achieve optimal progress, students are expected to practice three or more hours throughout the day, at least 6 days per week. The more we practice (intelligently), the better we get. Steady progress is the goal, not perfection. Students are expected to audio record their daily practice frequently. This will help speed up the learning process on key fundamentals and concepts of playing. Recording of lessons is permitted and encouraged. (See note regarding recorders in Equipment section) Studio Policies: In order for the studio to run smoothly and for everyone to receive the maximum benefit please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines: . Lessons begin at specified time, not before . Please knock on studio door at appointed lesson time. I need the interval between lessons to tend to details that pop up throughout the day, to finish a previous lesson or to keep my own chops limber. We will have a better lesson if you respect this policy.
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2 24-hours advanced notice is required for a student to reschedule a lesson. If you miss a lesson, it will be made up at my discretion. If I miss a lesson, I will reschedule. If I am delayed, I will call your cell phone or send a text message to advise. If you have not heard from me by 10 minutes past your lesson time, you are free to go. Likewise , if I have not heard from you by 10 minutes past your
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Ellefson Studio SyllabusF08 - Applied Trombone Syllabus...

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