Fast Food - Fast Food Nation Carol N Karcher is the main...

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Fast Food Nation Carol N. Karcher, is the main character, and also he was mention as one of fast food’s pioneers. Since Carl was born, he has been a farmer working with his father. Carl moved out to California, where he met his wife Margaret and began his own family. Margaret’s old job was mainly to sell hotdogs across the street and Carl’s job was working at a bakery. Carl eventually opened a Drive-In Barbeque restaurant , which got plenty of costumers. At the time, McDonalds started their business of McDonald’s Famous Hamburgers. Carl was inspired by the McDonalds brothers and open his own self-service restaurant. The book mention about the Arab oil embargo of 1973 and put fast-food restaurants under a horrible scare. Within the second chapter, they introduce Schlosser as observer and he observes Disney and McDonalds and makes similarities. This was his list: Both Kroc and Disney were born in Illinois a year apart; they both dropped out of high school; they served together in World War I; they both moved to Southern California after the war. They both became geniuses at marketing their products to children. Then the story continues with the schemes that Disney and Ray Kroc, the man who founded McDonalds, and how they used strategies such as targeting little children to get their parents to make them go to their places. We learn how fast-food
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Fast Food - Fast Food Nation Carol N Karcher is the main...

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