klinefelter - Klinefelter Syndrome A gene is a blueprint of...

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Klinefelter Syndrome A gene is a blueprint of life. The genes tell what cells should do. The one major thing they do is make protein and the proteins do all the digestion, circulation, immunity, and communication between cells. The genes in your DNA don't make protein directly. Instead, enzymes read and copy the DNA code. The genotype of the genetic makeup, DNA, of the organism. The genotype is nothing like the phenotype which does get puzzled with each other. The phenotype of an organism is the description of the physical and behavioral characteristics of the organism, for example its size and shape. The entire features can be seen by their traits and the traits contain alleles. Alleles show certain traits. There are two types of alleles, dominant and recessive. Dominant alleles are usually capitalize to show that if paired up with a recessive, which is lower cased, is covers the over trait completely. A genetic disorder is a disease caused by a different form of a gene, an alteration of a gene, called a mutation. Many diseases have a genetic aspect. Klinefelter Syndrome is a genetic disorder because it has to do with the sex chromosomes. Males are born with the sex chromosomes XY, in Klinefelter Syndrome, males are born with an XXY chromosome. It was first discovered in 1942; Dr. Harry Klinefelter was working at the Massachusetts General Hospital with fellow researchers with about nine individuals who had similar features that turned out to have Klinefelter Syndrome. Klinefelter Syndrome is genetic disorder that only is affects males. This means
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klinefelter - Klinefelter Syndrome A gene is a blueprint of...

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