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Course Title: Business Information Systems Analysis and Design Catalog Description: This course focuses on describing and specifying business information systems. It covers organizational processes for deFn- ing information ±ow and processing in computer based systems. It introduces model structures and syntax commonly used to describe information systems, the technologies used to implement them, and life cycle models used for ongoing management of business information systems. Section 001: Monday 9:55-11:10, Thursday 11:20-12:35 Room: Smith 218 Section 002: Monday & Thursday, 12:45-2:00 Room: Smith 218 Text: Systems Analysis and Design: A Project Approach 3rd Ed. by David Harris, Dryden Press ISBN: 0-03-034903-6 UML Distilled, 3rd, ²owler, Addison Wesley; ISBN 0-321-19368-7 and course overheads All course materials may be accessed at CIS.Bentley.EDU/LWaguespack Contact Information: Smith 420, OfFce: (781) 891-2584, Home: (978) 779-5322 (before 9:00 pm) CS359 001/002 - Waguespack page 1 of 4 Spring 2008 Effective: January 15, 2008 CS359 Syllabus
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Week of Lecture Material Reading Material notes/handouts/slides 1 Jan 20, 2008 Orientation Introduction to System Modeling Harris ch 1 Unit 00, 01 2 Jan 27, 2008 Case Study Intro System Development Life Cycle Harris ch 2 Fowler ch 1-3 Unit 02 OO Green Card 3 Feb 3, 2008 Feasibility & Rqmts Problem Ident & De±nition Harris ch 2
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CS359Spring2008Syllabus2008Spring335775 - CS359 Syllabus...

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