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Strange Reading - Call for Papers Reading is a strange...

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Unformatted text preview: Call for Papers Reading is a strange thing to do. We are often so invested in reading, particularly in academia, that we pay little attention to how reading works and the wide range of practices “reading” embraces. Estranging us from our immediate surroundings and everyday lives, reading can at the same time bring us into newly imagined spaces and unfamiliar relations — whether with fictional characters, critical debates, or fellow readers (who usually remain complete strangers). Critics often show us new ways (and things) to read, but their readings can risk becoming settled and familiar — or remaining cut off from other kinds of reading. With the impact of new media, expanded archives, and questions about the future of scholarly publishing, it is an especially good time to take a step back from reading — both in terms of our methods of analysis and objects of study — so as to render familiar and unfamiliar texts newly rich and strange. From foundational books which change how we read so as to render familiar and unfamiliar texts newly rich and strange....
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