final o5 - Ag Bio Engr ISU AST 360 Final Name CJB Open 1...

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Ag & Bio Engr ISU AST 360 Final 12/13/05 C JB Name: Open: 1 sheet Multiple choice: 1 pt. each Show your work: No work = no points 1) An ammeter placed in series with a load will: aread correctly the current through the load. b) shut off almost all the current to the load. c) cause a short circuit, but no damage to the meter. d) cause a short circuit and ruin the meter. 2) Power factor improvement a) significantly reduces power usage of a motor. b) significantly increases power usage of a motor. oes not change power usage of motor. a, by or c depending on original power factor. 3) A GFI will NOT protect a person who contacts a) red conductor and earth b black conductor and earth c) black conductor and neutral conductor d 4) A portable sander has this type of motor: a) repulsion start induction run b) 3-phase g $;;s;le e) soft-start 5) Compared to other motor types, a 3-phase motor a) has the highest starting torque b) has the lowest starting current - is simplest has the highest cost type of motor is subject to overspeeding damage if operated without a load: ) 3-phase general purpose c) shaded pole d) induction motors with more than 4 poles Page 1 of 10
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7) This type of motor insulation has the highest operating temperature: a) A b) C 8) If Capacitor start induction run = 1 ; Permanent split capacitor = 2 ; shaded pole = 3 ; Three phase = 4 ; two-valve capacitor = 5 . Arrange in order of ascending starting torque. a) 41253 b) 42153 c) 53124 & ::4:: f) 51423 9) The best way to see if a running motor is loaded properly is to a) check temp by placing hand or motor b) listen to pitch of motor sound watch for smoke from motor measure motor current 10) The locked-rotor torque of a motor depends on: a) the HP of the motor b) the motor c) the number of poles in the motor the manufacturer's design all of the above 11) A
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final o5 - Ag Bio Engr ISU AST 360 Final Name CJB Open 1...

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