Psychology HS P1 - satisfactory explanation of behavioural...

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PSYCHOLOGY HIGHER AND STANDARD LEVEL PAPER 1 Tuesday 22 May 2001 (afternoon) 2 hours M01/350/HS(1) INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE BACHILLERATO INTERNACIONAL 221-061 2 pages INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES ! Do not turn over this page until instructed to do so. ! Answer two questions.
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Marks will be awarded for clear presentation of theories , inclusion of appropriate empirical studies and evaluation . When structured questions are set (that is with parts a, b or c) candidates should clearly label each part of their answer a, b or c. [50 marks] 1. Select any two perspectives and compare their interpretations of a current psychological or social issue of your choice. [25 marks] [25 marks] 2. (a) Define the key concepts associated with the cognitive perspective. (b) How have these concepts been tested empirically? [50 marks] 3.
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Unformatted text preview: satisfactory explanation of behavioural phenomena. [50 marks] 4. Revisions of a perspectives original assumptions have occurred as a result of new research findings. Discuss this statement in relation to one perspective of your choice. [25 marks] [25 marks] 5. (a) Who are the representative theorists within the behavioural perspective and why, in your opinion, are they representative of this perspective? (b) In comparison with either the humanistic or psychodynamic perspective, assess the relative effectiveness of the methodologies associated with theorists from the behavioural perspective. [30 marks] [20 marks] 6. (a) Compare the humanistic and behavioural perspectives views on the determinism of behaviour. (b) How would both perspectives interpret the possibility of behavioural change? 2 M01/350/HS(1) 221-061...
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Psychology HS P1 - satisfactory explanation of behavioural...

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