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Chapter 1 – Overview and Descriptive Statistics Uses of statistics: 1. Designing experiments to collect data 2. Extracting information from data 3. Making informed decisions and intelligent predictions in the presence of uncertainty and variation Descriptive statistics graphically or numerically summarizes or describes important features of data Inferential statistics utilizes sample data to make estimates, decisions, predictions, or other generalizations about a larger set of data Section 1.1 Populations, Samples, and Processes Population – a set of units (people, objects, transactions, events) that we are interested in studying (i.e. all students at WSU, all credit card transactions in U.S. in December 2007, all bridge collapses throughout the world in last 25 years) Variable – a characteristic or property of an individual population unit (i.e. high school GPA of WSU student, issuing credit card company, bridge style or architect or weight load on bridge or weather conditions at time of collapse) 1
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Census – measurement of a variable for every unit of a population Sample – a subset of the units of a population Types of Data: Quantitative (numerical) vs. Qualitative (categorical) Age, GPA, cost of books Year in school, live on/off campus, type of transportation Discrete vs. Continuous Countable, “jump” from one possible value to the next: “The number of …”
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02_Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Overview and Descriptive...

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