THE WAR OUTLINE - 1917-1918 1 Russian Revolution 2 America...

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WORLD WAR I LECTURE OUTLINE I. INTRODUCTION II. ORIGINS OF THE WAR A. Sarajevo Crisis and Outbreak of War (Chronology) B. Underlying Causes/Sources of Tension 1. Nationalism 2. Economic rivalry 3. Arms race 4. Imperialism 5. Alliance system o Triple Alliance o Triple Entente 6. Error in judgment by rulers o Short War Illusion o Technology and offensive positions 7. Flawed Military Planning o Central Powers: o Allies C. Whose Fault? III. THE WAR A. FROM SHORT WAR TO STALEMATE (1914) Deadlock On The Western Front 1. Schleiffen Plan and French offensive 2. Battle of the Marne 3. The "Race to the Sea 4. Beginnings of Trench Warfare Deadlock on the Eastern Front 1. Events in Eastern Europe 2. The War in the South B. FROM STALEMATE TO ATTRITION: 1915-1916 Rest of the war can be seen as an effort to break the stalemate! 1. Stalemate 1915: 2. Attrition 1916 3. War at Sea: 1915-16 4 War Elsewhere
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Unformatted text preview: 1917-1918 1. Russian Revolution 2. America Enters The War 3. Final Phase of the War 4. 1918 Collapse Of The Central Powers D. OTHER STUFF 1. In the Air 2. Total War: IV. THE AFTERMATH A. Versailles, Treaty of Paris, Fourteen Points B. Losses C. Society and Culture D. 20 th Century : Politics o Four empires collapsed o Britain declined o New boundaries, new countries formed o Fascism; communism rose o U.S. world power. o Economic dislocations – Great Depression o German humiliation and sense of betrayal – growth of Nazism and WWII o Russian Revolution – Cold War after WWII E. Reverberations and Lessons for 21 st Century V. U.S. AND WWI US enters the war Homefront: a. The draft b. AEF c. Bonds d. Government Agengies: Food e. Enforcing Loyalty Fighting the War Treaty...
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THE WAR OUTLINE - 1917-1918 1 Russian Revolution 2 America...

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