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DRAFT ONE: TEST ONE REVIEW Suggestions for studying for the test: Review your chapter notes, the 4 quizzes, and your Liberty Journal entries. Go through each PowerPoint (linked to the NEWS). Make scratch outlines of the possible essay questions Test: 20 short answer (20 points); 3 short essays out of a choice of 5 of the 8 below . You may bring a 3x5 card handwritten on both sides. Chapter Details Possible Essay Questions Ch 16: Gilded Age 1877-1890 Little Bighorn Chief Joseph Sitting Bull Dawes Act Wounded Knee Haymarket Affair Great Railroad Strike What factors enabled the United States to become an industrial power after the Civil War. What were some of the significant results of this industrial revolution? Sitting Bull stated, "The life my people want is a life of freedom." Describe what freedom meant to the Indians and how that conflicted with the interests and values of most white Americans. What steps did the government take to “civilize” Indians? Ch 17:
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