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Life Is Beautiful - Paul J. Lee #403507320 Theater 120C...

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Paul J. Lee #403507320 Theater 120C Life Is Beautiful Questionnaire 1. Roberto Benigni’s involvement with this film was that he was the co-writer, director, and star of the film. 2. I think Benigni’s character plays a fool because it is within his character to act as a funny and charismatic man. The beginning of the film was full of humor also to set the Benigni as have the same behavior throughout the film. He was able to still have the same attitude when the times were obviously tough and still able to show his sarcastic and charming side to his son later on in the film. 3. Some signs that something evil is starting to happen is the writing on the horse that says Jewish Horse on it and the music that plays behind it. The music sets the tone of evil lurking and his uncle also says that the racism was something he was going to have to get used to. 4. Dora falls in love with Guido because he is the opposite of her ex-fiancé and he continued to pursue her and make her feel loved by calling her princess and shows that he puts her needs
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Life Is Beautiful - Paul J. Lee #403507320 Theater 120C...

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