Rain Man - Paul J Lee Theater 120C#403507320 Rain Man...

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Paul J. Lee Theater 120C #403507320 Rain Man Questionnaire 1. Dustin Hoffman plays the role of an autistic person by walking very meticulously and talking with a manner you would expect from an autistic person, speaking low and unsure while repeating his words. He walks quickly and seems unable to control his arms and hands at times. His head is always tilted and he tries to keep his hands close to his body, rocks his body back and forth, and also never has direct eye contact with the person he is talking to. 2. He demonstrates his stress by constantly yelling at everyone, usually Raymond, and basically by always putting the stresses his life on everyone else. It seems like the responsibility of taking care of Raymond is just putting him over the top but he was frustration showed before with his constant foul language and the short answers he gave to anyone who asked him questions. 3. We like Tom Cruise throughout the film because in a way we feel for him. The audience understands he is in a difficult predicament suddenly finding out about his estranged father’s passing and having an autistic brother. I also think Tom Cruise as an actor played to role great as we had sympathy for a character we should have no sympathy over but later in the film we discover his difficult upbringing. 4. An autistic
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Rain Man - Paul J Lee Theater 120C#403507320 Rain Man...

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