OUTLINE 13 - OUTLINE 13: Starting Chapter 8/Vital...

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OUTLINE 13: Starting Chapter 8/Vital Statistics of Populations I. Speciation where one specie becomes two; like a fish in Pangaea splitting and adapting to new environment; or chimp a million years ago having gene flow halt via interbreeding and giving rise to us and modern chimp; Sympatric Speciation by insects laying eggs on differing plants and this is instantaneous; plants eventually manifesting an intermediate specie between their influence when females accidently give their brood to wrong species; plants can do this by being stagnant and able to reproduce after being dormant again in hybridization; or that Allopatric/Geographic Evolution over thousands of years as in different areas gene exchange prevented and diverge in different NS pressure. II. Vital Statistics of Population ; juxtaposed to a gene pool with continuity over space and time with potential to interbreed, population said as cluster of individuals more likely to RP together than another population; Austrian monk Mendel has worked out his proportions; Mendelian population demes entails that they are highly likely, interbreeding and why influences NS; we’re talking on populations, from individuals regulating temperature/water, and now we can be able to understand influences on individual from population approach giving us
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OUTLINE 13 - OUTLINE 13: Starting Chapter 8/Vital...

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