Cooperative learning MOLE assignment

Cooperative learning MOLE assignment - Action Research:...

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Action Research: MOLE 1. How would you explain to a parent your decision to use MOLE strategies? There are numerous ways that MOLE can be used in the classroom to help encourage a positive, safe learning experience. By using MOLE strategies, students become long-term successes. MOLE strategies enable the following: - Students become less dependent on the teacher. - Students become more responsible through developing time management and problem-solving skills. - Allows students to experience the consequences of their actions, therefore changing their future behavior. - Students are encouraged through the use of the MOLE strategies rather than scorned/judged. - Students develop their own ideas for resolving a problem. - Students are not criticized. - Students become more accepting of the teacher; the teacher-student relationship improves. - Teachers develop a better understanding of a student’s needs because they listen to the student and use a confirmatory phrase to check that they have understood. Therefore, I would explain the above items to a parent, and I would point out that
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Cooperative learning MOLE assignment - Action Research:...

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