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Classroom Management Course Impact Essay - CLASSROOM...

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CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: ORCHESTRATING A COMMUNITY OF LEARNERS Course Impact Essay Throughout this course, I was able to take various ideas from other teachers and the materials provided by the course and develop ideas of my own for my classroom. Although there were many, I have selected those that are of most importance to my classroom to explore. Below is a list of some of the concepts that I have already begun to use or would like to incorporate in the future because “disruptive behavior takes time away from instruction” (Schneider 2002). By making these changes, I foresee that my classroom will become more orderly and managed, and there will be more time for student learning to occur. - One teacher mentioned that she used red/green hand cards and each student had a set on his/her desk. When the red card was up, the teacher knew that the student needed help and conversely with the green card. I would like to adapt this idea to be used with the name cards students make at the beginning of the year. Instead of hands, I would have my students either color their French names in using red/green letters or red/green as their backgrounds. They would put their name cards on their desks daily, which would benefit me in knowing if they needed help and other students would remember their French names more easily.
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- Displaying student work is rewarding for the students. I have limited space in my room to do so, however I have utilized the wall space outside my classroom to display work and the students were very receptive to the
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Classroom Management Course Impact Essay - CLASSROOM...

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