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interpersonal relations assignment 1

interpersonal relations assignment 1 - Interpersonal...

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Interpersonal Relations 1 INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS Interpersonal Relations: Organizations Concepts Chuck Mooney Thomas College
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Interpersonal Relations 2 INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS Organizational Behavior is defined as “a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, group and structure have on behavior within organizations, for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness (Robbins, Judge 9).” Beyond this broad definition, organizational behavior studies all aspects of employee behavior, and how it relates to the workplace. Such behaviors that can have an impact on an organization are: absenteeism, productivity (or lack thereof), management, and the way that employees communicate with each other. At Pepsi, organizational behavior is taken very seriously. There are standards that the each employee of the company has to follow from the lowest position to the highest position. The leaders of the company know that communication is the key to being successful; and, it allows the leaders to gain insight on the behavior of employees. They have even gone so far as to set up committees made up of different employees (no matter what position they hold) to ensure that there is communication and that every voice can be heard. Unfortunately, I am not privy to other information regarding organizational behavior due to my position, I do know that every component is taken very seriously, and Pepsi makes sure that everything is run efficiently and effectively. Organizational Culture is made up of the beliefs and values that an organization.
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  • Spring '07
  • Karush
  • Organizational studies, interpersonal relations, Interpersonal Relations INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS, Relations INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS

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interpersonal relations assignment 1 - Interpersonal...

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